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An Unplanned and Unprepared Trip to Solo Part 2

 Lost in Solo part II Paragon City Mall, Solo. We went to this mall by gocar by gojek, shout out to gojek! We contacted one of our friend in Solo to have a luncheon here. This mall is located on Jalan Yosodipuro No 133, Solo,Central Java. The mall was not so crowded that day. I… Continue reading An Unplanned and Unprepared Trip to Solo Part 2


An Unplanned and Unprepared Trip to Solo

Lost in Solo part I I woke up late that day, my eyes automatically checked my phone and it showed 9% battery left. I was too tired to connect a charger to my phone that night. There was a text from my friend about our meet up plan and she asked me to have a… Continue reading An Unplanned and Unprepared Trip to Solo

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One Day in Java

Tebing Breksi, Yogyakarta. January, 10th 2019 That afternoon my friends and I were thinking about dinner but we didn’t want the ordinary one.We insisted to have a dinner with a cool view, we demanded that vibe because we were young and simply bored.   We were about to go to Bantul and had dinner in… Continue reading One Day in Java

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New Year’s Eve 2019

Celebrating  New Year in the Village. Happy new year 2019 everyone ! New year is identical with staying up, fireworks, music concerts, and other celebration stuffs. Some big cities offer interesting shows like huge firework shows and stuffs like that. Favorite destinations around the world such as Tokyo, NYC, Dubai, Paris, Sidney, etc are always… Continue reading New Year’s Eve 2019

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The Victoria Hotel Yogyakarta

The Victoria Hotel Yogyakarta This hotel is located on Laksda Adi Sucipto Street km 5, Caturtunggal, Depok, Sleman . It is right behind the Plaza Ambarukmo hotel. One day, on October 2018, me and my friend Diana booked a superior room using a discount code via . We checked in around 10 pm. We… Continue reading The Victoria Hotel Yogyakarta


Ullen Sentalu Museum Yogyakarta

Ullen Sentalu Museum Yogyakarta Anybody is in Yogyakarta ? Are you bored of beaches and hot weather ? Are you fed up with too many crowds and traffics ? Do you just want to enjoy Yogyakarta in different way?  a kind of private vibe but you can still get values to learn about Javanese culture… Continue reading Ullen Sentalu Museum Yogyakarta